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Welcome to the official site for International Pride Softball (IPS). A Division of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA). Originally formed in 1977, NAGAAA is a 501c(3) international sports organization comprised primarily with members of the LGBTQ+ community.  We are dedicated to providing opportunity and access for the LGBTQ+ community to participate in organized softball competition in a safe environment. Currently, more than 20,000 players from member cities across Canada and the United States participate in member leagues, and the best of these teams converge once a year for head-to-head competition at the annual Gay Softball World Series.

In 2022, NAGAAA celebrated its 45th Anniversary (1977-2022). For over four decades, we have provided a safe place for LGBTQ+ athletes to compete. Member cities compete in seven divisions: A, B, C, D, E, Legends C and Legends D. In 2023, NAGAAA rebranded as International Pride Softball

Hall Of Fame, Twin Cities 2023

Our Purpose

To be a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of amateur sports competition, particularly softball, for all persons regardless of age, sexual orientation or preference – with special emphasis on the participation of members of the LBGTQ+. We strive to foster national and international sports competition by planning, promoting and carrying out amateur sports competition.

IPS Council

IPS has a governing Council comprised of one Delegate from each of the Member City Leagues. It is the role of the Council to hear and debate issues that may impact international competition, fair play standards or IPS’s perceived value to its members. The Council has the power to set direction, create change and impact the organization; therefore, each Member City League – through their representative Delegate on the Council – has a voice.

IPS Committees

To assist in accomplishing the work of the organization, IPS has thirteen (13) committees. Anyone individual who is part of a Member City League and attends the IPS Summer or Winter meetings may participate in the IPS Committees. The Committees are chaired by representatives from Member City Leagues, some of whom are also Delegates. Committee Chairs, their members and the IPS Council determine the agenda of the Committees, and therefore, the focus of IPS’s work.

Our organization

IPS is the member-driven managing organization that coordinates the highest level of international competitive LGBT softball. IPS sets the standards for fair play, supports local leagues with understanding and executing those standards and ensures accountability and compliance with the standards during sponsored athletic competitions.

IPS Board

IPS also has a Board of Directors made of seven (7) unpaid, elected individuals. The IPS Board is an administrative group responsible to the Council. The Board provides information, participates in discussions and ultimately is tasked with executing the ideas, decisions and goals of the Council.

Gay Softball World Series '80